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BLOG | An impuls towards parenthood

11. December 2017

Precisely tailored to the woman’s individual situation, her body is prepared for pregnancy prior to receiving fertility treatment. The ovaries are stimulated with hormones, which is an important first step towards the long-awaited child.
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BLOG | Cumulative pregnancy rate

28. November 2017

Success rates in fertility treatment - What does cumulative pregnancy rate mean?
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BLOG | "Natural cycle IVF"

31. October 2017

Some women are looking for an IVF therapy necessitating either a few doses of hormones or none at all. Terms such as "Natural cycle IVF" or "Mild Stimulation IVF" are bound to arouse interest and may sound promising at first. [ continue reading ]

BLOG | FAQs on fertility treatment

02. October 2017

"When can I take the pregnancy test and what happens next?"
In this BLOG post, experts answer frequently asked questions on the course of fertility treatment. [ continue reading ]

BLOG | ... and if it doesn’t work?

04. September 2017

In many cases, the patients are able to deliver the good news, that their pregnancy test had come back positive. However, there are couples who get no chance of experiencing this kind of happiness. [ continue reading ]

BLOG | "Single Embryo Transfer"

03. August 2017

"Does the transfer of two embryos increase my chances of becoming pregnant?" - This question is frequently asked by couples who want to learn more about the envisaged fertility treatment. But what is the answer? [ continue reading ]

BLOG | "How old is too old?"

12. July 2017

Fertility and advanced maternal age - It is not only the term itself but also the definition of "advanced age" in connection with the desire to have children, which gives rise to numerous discussions. [ continue reading ]

BLOG | Fertility Test for Everybody

27. June 2017

Sperm-check using a smartphone app, ovulation tests, testing of hormone levels using ready-to-use test kits ... "Do it yourself"-fertility tests are not entirely new, but obviously there are ever more inventive products featuring supposedly greater user friendliness. This, of course, arouses the interest of a lot of men and women.
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BLOG | Implantation rate

02. June 2017

If practitioners of reproductive medicine talk about the implantation rate, they mean the percentage of those embryos that implanted themselves into the uterine lining after having been transferred to the womb. [ continue reading ]

BLOG | Why an embryo does not "spill out"?

05. May 2017

The following question is repeatedly raised in Internet forums relating to fertility treatment: "Will the embryo somehow spill out of the uterus after embryo transfer?" Find out how a possible biological-physical explanation can look at this question.
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BLOG | Pregnancy rate

07. April 2017

One pregnancy is not just like another - Why the pregnancy rate alone is not sufficient to make a precise statement on the probability of IVF success. [ continue reading ]

BLOG | Love in Times of Egg Donation

17. March 2017

Fertility treatment using donated eggs – This is a very emotional moment but also means a crucial step towards the long-awaited child. A lot of women are worrying about the time after the baby’s birth. The woman delivering the baby is the child’s mother, from a "biological" and social point of view. However she is not the child’s genetic mother.
British scientists have conducted a study to find out whether the absence of a genetic link might have an impact on the mother-child relationship. [ continue reading ]

BLOG | "What does that mean for us?"

16. February 2017

When it comes to choosing an IVF center, among other things, couples seeking fertility support want to learn more about the clinic’s performance figures (e.g. pregnancy rate, live birth rate). For most couples the following question arises when taking a closer look at the outcomes presented:
"But what does this actually mean for us?" [ continue reading ]

BLOG | Assessing the chances

02. February 2017

Predicting the outcome of fertility treatment is always a medical challenge, as there are numerous factors which may influence the individual chances of getting pregnant and giving birth. [ continue reading ]

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